The design community is fond of Apple products and Pantone Matching System. So the time to combine these two has come. Case Scenario thinks the same way, and in fact, they have released an extraordinary line of licensed cases.

So these Pantone approved cases are available in nine different colors for iPhone and four different colors for iPad.
The cases for iPhone are: Pantone Yellow, Pantone Red 711, Pantone Blue 7462, Pantone Orange 021, Pantone Pink 226, Pantone Green 354, Pantone Cool Gray 5 C, Pantone 418 C and Pantone Black C.

The cases for iPad are:  Pantone Blue 7462 C, Pantone Black C, Pantone 711 C and Pantone Cool Gray 5 C
The following cases will provide a plenty of style. There is still no word about procing.

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